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Dr. Martin's Family Photos

Dr. Victoria Martin in her officeFavorite of 4 dogs. This is Hayley, our Boxer.The Westie is Skye and the Spaniel is Tramp. Never mind those bare feet... they aren't mine!Rare photo of husband Glen (coat and tie!)Dr. Martin at Mt. Rainier in Washington state.
Youngest son John with grandson Sam.Daughter Nicole in middle, grandson Richie on left.Middle son Chris with grandson Charlie.Daughter Jennifer with great-grand daughter Emily Victoria.Oldest son Jim with his wife Carrie.
Daughter Lisa with Glen.Dr. Martin and husband Indiana Glen on cruise in Alaska.Most of Dr. Martin's family gathered for Christmas in Orlando.Dr. Martin and Glen in their 30's. Wasn't THAT long ago... was it?Dr. Martin and her older brother Harold.We used to love skiing... (till we hit our 50's). I still ski in my dreams occassionally!
Daughter Jennifer and sister-in-law Celia.Dr. Martin's brother Earl at Disney World. (he always wanted to be an astronaut!)Doc Martin's hub, Santa Glen!Glen Martin and nephew Daniel. Beware they both work in my office!Brother Earl and Celia at Paula Dean's in Savannah! YUM!

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